The Best Free VPN Tools for Joining the Kodi Network

If you are situated in a restricted area, there is no need to worry. We have made a list of free to use VPN software that is able to hide your identity and allow accessing Kodi


Kodi Free VPN

VPN is a virtual router, which transfers requests of a user to a server and forwards the request to the initial website getting a response and transferring it back to the user.

The main goal of a VPN software is hiding the identity of a user and staying outside of multiple tracking groups. In addition, VPN is used for unblocking content in areas with multiple restrictions on the open internet. VPN is a sort of intermediary, which advocates for the freedom of Internet.

We have made a list of free VPN tools, which can help you accessing Kodi software no matter where you are.


This extremely secure and simple to use VPN protects your privacy and personality no matter where you go online. It can bypass any blocks, protect data, and prevent hacker attacks.

VeePN has over 2,500 servers around the world, a user-friendly interface, and automated tuning. Flawless encrypting protocols and complete absence of logging in make VeePN one of the best VPN tools in the modern market.


Download VeePN and Unblock Any Website

Check any website you need regardless of your location. VeePN is a one-tap solution to overpower the block and limitations and help you access all the resources you need online.

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HotSpot Shield

It is definitely one of the most popular VPN tools and is available on all the leading platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. However, users are restricted to 750 MB of daily data (but can increase the volume if necessary).


This VPN tool is gaining more and more popularity every day. It has a great UX and runs smoothly on multiple platforms. Under a single account, you can be connected to 5 different accounts. However, the total daily usage is 500 MB. Using P2P is prohibited.

veepn is the last in our today’s list of the best VPN tools for Kodi, and here’s why: it has servers in three countries and allows using 2 GB every month. It is good for use on mobile devices but unfortunately is not allowed on personal computers.

Today you have learned about a few popular and trusted VPN tools that may help you entertain in the Kodi universe even if you are situated in a restricted area. However, we recommend getting familiar with paid platforms if you are looking for the best VPN that hides all the details.